Month: July 2017

Tips To Plan A Great Honeymoon

As a parent whose daughter or son in getting married soon, you will want to give them a unique gift to remember in addition to doing anything that you can for their wedding day. While it can be an emotional experience, most parents enjoy the idea of giving their child some gift before the part ways to go on with their new life. Here are some tips you help you plan the ideal wedding gift for your child; a unique honeymoon!

Know what they want

You know your child but do you also know the preferences of his or her partner? If not try to look into it, perhaps a quick chat with the parents of your child’s parents will help you out. Come into a conclusion about the kind of location they would both like to go to, the kind of accommodation that would suit them the most and even leisure activities and surprises that they can enjoy together.

Arrange for some surprises

You can most often do this with the lodging that you choose. Most accommodation apartments and resorts offer a variety of leisure activities that can be enjoyed by a couple. These will be unique to the location and can even include adventure sports. Also plan for one or two surprises like arranging a private dinner outside for them without them knowing. Going a little out of the box and being a little thoughtful will get you a brilliant wedding gift for your loved ones.

Think it through well

There are external circumstances to consider as well. Do the bride and groom already have kids? If so would you offer to take care of them? If they will be joining their parents, you might have to look for places that they all can enjoy safely and comfortably. If there are any medical conditions or special needs involved you will have to take those into account as well. Go through every aspect of the honeymoon that you are going to gift the newlyweds. Double check everything to make sure that you have not missed out on anything

Don’t give the same old holiday escape

A few days of going to a world class resort, eating, drinking, swimming and a bit of shopping is just the same old vacation idea. Think outside the box and explore your options. There are many bespoke travel companies that cater to unique tours that are customized to the requirement of each respective traveler. Employ the help of a professional and give them some unique experiences in an exotic location that they can truly cherish even years and years after.

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